Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

What are Third Culture Kids?

Simply put, TCKs are children who have spent a portion of their developmental years (up till the age of 18) in a culture(s) or country/countries that is different from the culture and/or passport country of their parents.  Most overseas missionary kids (MKs) are TCKs.  When these children grow up, they become Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs).

Growing up among different cultures and experiencing the "outside" world firsthand allows many TCKs to gain a wider understanding and have a broader view. But it also brings it's share of challenges that may be hard for others to comprehend.

When the church sends out a family for His work, they are not just sending out the parents but also their children.  Therefore, an important part of caring for these families is to remember their children.

Including books written by ATCKs about their childhoods.


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