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Raynard & Gloria Yeo 
Missions Personnel Code: "RAY"


Children: Alicia, Caleb, Endora


Involvement: Mobilizer


Organization: SIM Singapore


Serving in: Singapore

Raynard came to Christ as a student in 1985 through the Jesus Film showing in Bartley Secondary School. He came to Bartley Christian Church in 1986 by the invitation of his classmates. Since then, Raynard started to attend church service regularly. It was then that he began to be involved in the early beginning of the Chinese congregational worship as well as taking up the role of a cell group leader (1993-1997). On May 1993, after his national service, Raynard responded to God’s call into full-time ministry with Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ (aka CRU). He served amongst the Ngee Ann and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) students where he helped to start the first Christian student organization in NYP. In 1997, Raynard was challenged by his leaders in CRU to serve amongst the house churches in China primarily in the areas of evangelism and discipleship. 

Gloria Ge was born in ChongQing, China and was the only child in her family. She became a Christian as she was attracted to and inspired by the Christian worship songs. She helped to play the piano for the church service that was taking place in her home. She was not a believer then. The Christian music so encouraged her heart that she knew God was real in her life. In 1995, her parents and her migrated to Beijing to work and it was there that Gloria started to serve in the local house church as the music director and full-time worker. Raynard met Gloria while serving and ministering together in the same local church in Beijing. On July 2002, Raynard married Gloria in Singapore and both of them started to transit to the Chinese Service since.

Raynard and Gloria continued to serve the church in China after their marriage. With the arrival of Alicia and Caleb, Raynard felt that it was better to move the whole family in-country rather than traveling between Singapore and China. They began to apply to the church as a missionary to China. In August 2006, Bartley commissioned Raynard and Gloria as their missionary family to serve in East Asia Region. Since then, Raynard was involved in church planting movements, training of pastors and leaders as well as mobilizing the local churches towards mission sending.
The YEO family returned from the field in May 2018 after more than 12 years in the mission field. They remained serving in Singapore CRU ministry until God called them to move on. In 2019, Raynard served a short term in Bartley as their senior ministry staff in the areas of Christian Education and Cell Group Ministry. In the next three years, Raynard felt called by God to serve in a church-based ministry doing the mobilizing work among churches. In July 2021, Raynard applied to serve in Serving In Missions (SIM) as a church mobilizer.

On 1st March 2023, Raynard was officially accepted as the Singapore Chinese Church Mobilizer with SIM. Gloria continued ministering amongst the women both in China and Singapore with her counselling ministry.

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