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Missionaries Word On the Matter: Nellie


When did you first catch the vision for missions?

At Sunday School. Every Sunday the class prayed for Joseph Tang and Nancy Ong [who were with] Logos. During a Bartley Youth Camp in JB, the theme from Isaiah 4, “‘Who shall we send?’ ‘Here I am, send me’” made me decide to give my life to serve Him.

What happened/impacted you so much that you actually followed it through?

After the camp, I went to visit the camp speaker Rev Arthur Gee at his office in Jalan Jelita. From then I did volunteer work at the CNEC SEAsia Office, where he was Director. After a year, I quit my job with Radio Television Singapore and joined CNEC full-time, pioneering a new department called “Sponsor-A-Child.”

The price

What are some of the things that being involved in missions have cost you?

Of course leaving [my] job, home, friends and family but instead I gained so much more [than] if I [were] to stay at home. I have family and friends among the Mien and Thai, and missionary friends from all over the world! My life is more exciting than if I [were] to stay home!

What has been the most difficult, and why?

[Initially] adapting to a new culture and learning foreign languages, and living in difficult tribal conditions [in the beginning].

Rewards of the vision

What have you seen God do through your involvement?

Mien people coming to salvation in Christ, Mien growing in their faith, loving the Lord and wanting to serve Him.

What can you see that God is in the process of doing?

Building the Mien Church. Young Mien with a compassion for their lost people and thus reaching out, equipping themselves in Bible Colleges.

Team behind the vision

How many other Christians are involved in keeping you in missions?/What do they do that helps you?

Many. Some praying. Some giving. Some encouraging through visits, correspondences, [and] phone calls. One started a Mien Prayer Group that meets every 1st Monday of each month for the last 7 years! Incredible commitment! Some helping [to] produce [a] DVD to spread the vision and share the needs. My friends, prayer partners and financial supporters are my hands, feet, eyes – without them I wouldn’t be out there in the field.


Adapted from “Are you willing to consider going?,a JMM publication for Bartley Christian Church July Mission Month 2007

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