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How to give to our Missionaries

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1. Inter-Bank Transfer

  • Credit to DBS 047-007309-0

  • Indicate your full name for identification purposes


Standing Instruction for Recurring Fund Transfer

  • Set up bank recurring transfer

  • Subsequent transfers will follow 1st instructions

2. Cheque

• Cheque payable to

Bartley Christian Church

• Indicate purpose of gift behind cheque

• Mail the cheque to: 
Bartley Christian Church
4 How Sun Drive S(538526)


• Quick Cheque Deposit to

DBS 047-007309-0

3. PayNow

Use your iBanking app to scan the QR code or PayNow to UEN: 197801655D BARTLEY CHRISTIAN CHURCH LTD (SC)

Indicate in the “Reference Number /Remarks” box the following text: [Name of Missions Personnel].

Names of our Missions Personnel:

*pseudo names

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