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Fuji Rina Yao_Singapore_edited.jpg

Fuji Yew
Missions Personnel Code: "FY"


Involvement: Children, Youth, Mission, and Resource

Organisation: Scripture Union Singapore

Stationed in: Singapore


My journey towards knowing the Lord began with a deeply personal and profound spiritual awakening, which has remained a guiding light in my life. My association with Bartley Christian Church was a heartfelt decision to join a community that shared my passion for faith and service, particularly their strong commitment to missions and vibrant youth ministry.


Throughout my journey, I've been fortunate to actively participate in various ministries, including FES and WEC, where I had the privilege of engaging in missionary work in diverse cultural contexts. I've also taken on leadership roles in youth ministry and have been dedicated to mentoring and advising individuals on their faith journey. These experiences have been instrumental in shaping my perspective and approach to ministry.


Over the years, I've had the privilege of contributing to youth ministry as a trainer, mentor, and advisor. My educational background in Intercultural Studies from Worldview College in Tasmania has provided me with valuable skills that I've applied in various ministry settings. 


Currently, I am humbly serving as an Advisor within the Chinese Youth Ministry at Bartley Christian Church. This role has allowed me to apply my teaching and mentoring skills, sparking inspiration within the youth community. I am deeply committed to making a positive impact through this mission, alongside my partner, Rina, and our children, Elisha and Hannah, as we continue to serve the Lord with unwavering devotion.


Scope of Ministry


I currently hold the position of Deputy Director at Scripture Union Singapore, an organisation dedicated to helping children and young people connect with God through daily engagement with His Word. We also empower them to serve their communities. We work closely with churches and organisations, providing personnel and various programmes, including camps for children and youth, evangelistic events, and tailored activities. Additionally, we supply devotional and discipleship materials suitable for all age groups to churches and organisations.


Through our "EQUIP" initiative, we offer certification programmes and specialised courses to train children and youth workers. We collaborate with churches, organisations, and individuals who share our mission to reach children and youth. Our primary goal is to support and work alongside SU movements in the region, all while maintaining a humble spirit of service.

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