BEfriend 2.0
Extend a hand to bless a fellow Bartleyan!

Dear Bartley brothers and sisters,

We are bringing back BEfriend this July Missions Month!

COVID-19 shone a spotlight on some of the inequalities in society. Last year, we empathized with our ethnic brothers and sisters – some domestic helpers worked more hours than they usually did, others lost friends and family to COVID-19 in their home countries and could not be with them in person. We befriended and encouraged our Filipino and Indonesian sisters by delivering gifts or buying a meal for their families.

Here's a recap of last year's BEfriend programme!

Though COVID-19 prevents us from meeting as a Christian gathering, we continue to be in mission as a church. Indeed, we all have a calling from the King, and together we can be Cells on a Mission.

We plan to reach out to more ethnic congregations this year – we will be giving gift packs to our Filipino, Indonesian, Telugu, and Nepali brothers and sisters.

For our Telugu and Nepali congregations, Bartley’s Mission Office will be bulk packing 200 care packages which will be delivered to them by their leaders.

Filipino and Indonesian


Personally buy and deliver a gift to a sister!

  • You will be assigned a sister to contact directly.

  • Put together a care package filled with practical treats (we will provide you with a list of suggestions).

  • The package should be worth about $20.

  • Deliver the package to the sister along with a handwritten note, either personally or via courier!

Things to note:

  • You can sign up as an individual or as a group.

  • We encourage Missional Cells/groups to sponsor more than one sister.

  • If you are male and wish to participate, we hope that you can partner with another person to deliver the gifts or participate in a group.

  • If you participated in last year's BEfriend programme, you have the option of being paired with the same sister again.

  • We encourage you to extend friendship to this sister after you have delivered the gift (e.g. conversing on Facebook, getting to know each other and praying for each other).

After registering, you will be provided with the sister's details and more particulars via email and WhatsApp.


Nepali and Telugu

We are glad to have our Nepali and Telugu congregations joining us in this year's July Missions Month!

  • Fund a pre-packed care package for our Nepali sisters or Telugu brothers.

  • Include a note of encouragement/cheer via Padlet!

  • The care packages are $20/set.

  • Your contribution will help to bless about 100 brothers and sisters from each congregation!

  • These care packages will be given to the congregation leaders to be distributed.


Things to note:

  • Feel free to pool money together as a Missional Cell/group/friends for this endeavor. It is definitely also alright if you give odd sums (eg. $37.15)

  • If you are unable to donate, we welcome you to still leave a message on Padlet!

Don't forget!

Leave a message!

Please head over to Padlet via the link or QR code and leave a message of encouragement! We will print your notes and include them in the care packages.


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